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Start selling on eBay and get your premium store setup for free!

eBay and ZoneSmart offer online sellers a unique opportunity to get free website integration, inventory upload, Premium or Anchor store subscription for 3 months and premium support just by registering as an eBay seller
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is the official service partner of

in Eastern Europe & Israel

Why do I need this?

eBay onboarding by yourself
Onboarding via ZoneSmart
Explore the marketplace policies and form a selling strategy
Study eBay selling database to find all the rules, recommendations and selling options
min. 8-10 hours
One Zoom call with the selling expert to answer all the questions
30 minutes
Listings upload
Create each listing manually in SellerHub or work with spreadsheets
30-40 minutes to create 1 listing
Bulk listing using API connection and AI-tools
30-40 minutes to create 500+ listings
Inventory sync between selling channels
Use your in-house or third-party developers to create an integration with multiple eBay APIs
1-3 months of development
Setup integration via ZoneSmart Multichannel selling tool in a few clicks
1 day to setup
Setup advertising campaign by yourself without prior experience of eBay marketing
1-2 week before first efficient campaign
First campaign setup by eBay marketing experts
get results in a few days
Free (covered by eBay)

Multichannel selling app

Order management
Realtime order synchronization between unlimited eBay accounts and other selling channels. Ship orders via a single interface using built-in integrations with multiple shipping carriers
Warehouse management
Connect one or more warehouses to the system and manage inventory and pick&pack tasks
Website and ERP integrations
Sync data between your marketplace accounts and your CMS, CRM or ERP system using API or multiple out-of-box integrations. For example, Shopify, WooCommerce and others.

What is included in the program

Initial consultation and recommendations on selling strategy
eBay seller and payment account setup
Publishing of up 10 000 listings with content generation
Inventory sync between eBay and your other selling channels via ZoneSmart
Marketing consultation and expert advise on advertising strategy
Setup of initial advertising campaign and followup marketing recommendations

Our advantages

Sync all selling channels in one app
ZoneSmart app enable real-time data sync between any marketplace accounts or CMS. Never miss an order because being out of stock
Unique bulk listing solutions
Upload any number of listing using ZoneSmart API service including special solution for fully automated car parts listing
AI content generation
Automate your copywriting work by creating unique and optimized listing descriptions using just a few keywords. Save time and money on copywriting tasks
ZoneSmart offers integrations with major global marketplaces that allow to bring your business in front of 200+ mln buyer audience
How does it work
Submit your request below and schedule a quick meeting with an expert to discuss onboarding details

30 minutes
Take part in a short training on basic selling experts held by eBay Growth advisor and ZoneSmart selling expert

3-4 business days
Store setup
ZoneSmart will setup your eBay seller account, upload any number of listings and sync inventory with other channels

≈ 1,5 week
First orders
Fulfil your first orders from buyers around the world

≈ 2 weeks

Available Integrations